Consistency In Sales

I read an article on LinkedIn titled, “Consistency.  It’s at the core of every sales professional” by Larry Levine and it reminded me just how important consistency in sales really is.  Consistent effort in sales, or really anything you do, sets you up for the best results.  However, consistency requires commitment.  Commitment that most people are not willing to do.  There are no quick results and no silver bullet moments when it comes to a commitment to consistency.  Consistency is all about making incremental improvements over time.

Consistency In Sales Requires Commitment

The key to success in sales is to identify one or two small things we can do well and do them consistently over a long period of time.  If you can do this then your results will begin to change.  But it can’t just be about doing the small things.  There has to be a commitment to do the right small things.

For example, let’s say you make a commitment to call 25 new prospects each day for an entire year.  At first, you’re excited about the potential results and each call is used as an opportunity to get better.  But then, it gets harder.  It becomes more like a chore and you start to develop bad habits.  The tone of your voice changes, the questions you ask become less inviting and your sales pitch is less effective.  All of a sudden, you’re 3 months in and your results are not quite what you expected so then you quit.

Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us.  We start to develop bad habits that are hard to break and our results are less than spectacular.  The next thing we know, we’ve stopped and we’re no longer committed to calling 25 new prospects each day.

Consistency in sales takes action
Consistency in sales takes action

Take Action, Deliberate Action

Instead, what if we made a commitment to call 25 new prospects each day and took the time at the end of each day to reflect on the calls we made.  What calls went well?  What calls didn’t go so well?  Did we have the same opening for each call or should we have the same opening?  The point is, if you don’t take the time to reflect then eventually making 25 calls each day becomes just another chore within your sales process.  But if you have deliberate practice, meaning that you truly evaluate each phone call, then everyday you’ll make small incremental improvements that over time will yield you better overall results and give you more consistency in sales.

When you start to see the results, the habit you start to form is positive that then encourages you to keep pushing.  And instead of making 25 calls each day, maybe you make 30 or 35 and all of a sudden your results will compound on each other, accelerating your results.  Take action today and see what happens.

If you’d like to read the article then please check it out here.  It’s a quick read but will help get your mind to start thinking on the right path.

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