Cold Calling Strategies

Here are a few items to help with your cold calling strategies.  Phone selling can provide a great way to earn an income, but just like with anything, if you don’t work at it then you’ll never fully reach your potential.  My hope is that you’re able to take a few nuggets of information and apply it to your current role.  I’ve applied these to my own cold calling strategies as well as what I’ve tried to teach my inside sales reps. In my opinion, here are four of the most critical:

Plan – if you plan the call then you’re more likely to control it as well as accomplish what you want from it.

  • What’s your goal for the call?
    • More qualification, more decision makers, uncovering the pain point, understanding more about their current process, etc. It’s an endless list of possibilities.
  • What questions are you going to ask?
    • Once you understand what your goal is for the call you can then develop the right kind of questions to ask in order to get to your goal.
    • Keep as many of these open ended as you can. I see all too often when a yes/no question is asked, how quickly the call will end with not much accomplished.  Engage the prospect into a conversation.
  • What do you know about the company before calling?
    • Go to their website, check out news articles or whatever you can get your hands on to help with your call.
    • If you’re able to drop a few items from what you gathered looking around, it seems to drop the guard of who you’re talking with, and that opens up more dialogue.

Relax – at the end of the day, you’re just having a conversation with another person.

  • Most of your calls are simply about learning as much as you can about who the decision maker(s) are, how they currently do things, what pain points they have, etc. All of which is just a part of a conversation between two people. There’s no need to stress yourself out.
  • This is easier said than done, but even if the call goes completely terrible, you’ll learn what not to do.  And you’ll be that much better for the next one.

Knowledge – you need to know your product or service better than anyone else.  Study it and understand it.

  • What are you able to offer to this company?
  • What kind of value can you bring?
  • Why is your company different and better than a competitor?
  • How did your company get its start?
    • What’s your company’s story? (This is also a great question to ask a prospect.)
  • If you’re not confident in what you’re trying to sell, it’ll be very apparent when you’re speaking with your prospects.
  • Take a quick a look online at the company’s website you’re about to call.  You should be able to speak to basic knowledge of the company, but keep in mind that shouldn’t prevent you from asking qualifying questions.  It should help you determine what may be important to ask about or to show that you’ve done your homework.

Action – if you don’t pick up the phone then you’ll never accomplish your goals.

  • Progress not perfection. There’s absolutely no way for you to get better if you don’t pick up the phone.  It’s an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and an opportunity for you to make money.
  • It’s important to treat each call separate from each other. Just because the call before didn’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean the call you’re about to make will be the same.
    • Have a short memory for the bad ones. Learn from them, but then forget about it.  How can you improve from it?
  • Your goal is to move through the sales process, one step at a time.  If you follow a disciplined approach then over time you’ll see results.

There are many cold calling strategies that I could continue to list out but these four are, in my opinion, the most critical.  Plan the call.  Relax and take a deep breath.  Action is ALWAYS better than no action.  And have Knowledge of not only your product/service but of the company you’re cold calling.  Simply thinking about cold calling strategies will give you better overall results.  You should start today!

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